Established 2 decades ago in 1998 by denim connoisseurs Dharmendra & Nayan Parekh, Logus Jeans offers a premium range of women’s bottom wear that has steadily become fashion’s hottest luxury item. Our designs combine passion and innovation and we take pride in our authenticity, which is inspired not by the world of glamour and catwalks but from daily life experiences.

Our Vision

We believe in offering exquisite jeans in premium quality as it is not just a piece of clothing and an element of fashion but it is a concept, a way of thinking, and passion that is fueled by the characteristics of the fabric itself. Denim as we suppose it to be, ages as beautifully as no other fabric. The older it gets the more contemporary it looks and with time, it recasts itself as your second skin, becoming an inseparable part of your life and therefore we work our best to offer jeans that are an amalgamation of comfort and fashion.

Being a distinct and timeless piece of fashion, it never fades but only modifies, just like our zeal that keeps escalating with the ever-changing trends to continue growing and delivering nothing but the finest.

Our Mission

We Love Jeans and we share this undying passion with anybody who mourns for a worn-out pair of denim just like the passing of a close old friend. Mostly known for our denim collections, we offer them in different designs, washes, and fits and aim to improve with every product we create. We hold a mission to bring forward products that make women stand out and make them experience fashion-forward style, with a relaxed look through jeans that possess the combination of urban wear and red-carpet chic-fitting.

Our Reach

We’re a trusted name not just in India but various other countries including, Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, and Kenya. We strive to maintain our position without making any compromises in our quality.

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