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Style Guide: Denim Shorts and ways to wear them

Denim shorts are an evergreen fashion element and are an extremely versatile piece that goes well with everything and can be worn almost anywhere. From a disc to a lunch date, outing with your friends, to a shopping spree, and for many more locations and occasions, denim shorts are the best option. It’s like your best friend, always there to help you out.

Here are a few ways of styling denim shorts to make a statement chic look effortlessly!

1. With a printed top and denim jackets.
Put your denim shorts, together with a printed top and a denim jacket and you are good enough to slay. This is a go-to look, a denim jacket being a must-have piece of clothing is available everywhere and if you haven’t yet got yourself one, now is not too late. Add in statement sneakers and big hoops to make your outfit a little spicier and remember, no outfit is good enough without your confidence, so never ever forget to take it along.

2. With an oversized sweater.
Shorts Manufacturers are lately piling up damaged shorts in great numbers for they are the ultimate showstoppers! Damaged shorts along with oversized sweaters or hoodies make an unmatched pair and can never be a wrong choice. Compliment this set with a quirky sling or fanny bag to be the ‘unstoppable’ and yes do not forget that killer smile of yours.

3. With a bottom-up shirt
A mandatory part of everyone’s wardrobe, denim shorts are a must-have for every woman as it looks exceptional. Pair your classic blue denim shorts with a bottom-up shirt, tucked-in or tied-up. This outfit as we believe will never go out of style, it has been in trend for over a decade now, and still is the show-stealer.

4. With an oversized blazer and statement boots.
Oversized blazer earlier was the hot trend and it looks like it has made a grand comeback. Back then, it was looked upon as a professional attire but now it is also referred to as the coolest casual top wear. Boots originally made to tackle the winters are now also found tackling the other footwears to become the most wanted member of the fashion family. Put them together and add in a pair of denim shorts and you are ready to ace the ramp that the world is!

5. With a graphic tee
Graphic tees are another one from the ‘must-haves that everyone wants to have!’, they are comfortable yet stylish and look extremely amazing when paired with denim shorts. A pair of classic shoes would complement the duo in a superb way, add in some funky jewels to make the look more eye-catching.

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