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Know the Right Jeans that fit your Body Type Best

The fashion world is brimming with ever-evolving trends, however, the one timeless piece that can never go out of trend is Jeans! They are the most comfortable and affordable daily wear items found in everyone’s closet. From college to parties, you can adorn it anywhere and everywhere with ease. However, just throwing on a pair of jeans that match your top, doesn’t make sense. Styling your jeans as per your body type is extremely crucial to achieve a flattering look.

Did you know?
The denim jeans manufacturers in India have lately started stocking products focusing more on body types in addition to the latest trends. Now you know the importance!

With the following tips clear your confusion and get an idea of which jeans suits your body type best:

1. Pear shape figure
Women with compressed upper body and expanded lower body fall under this body type. People with such figure should opt for a mid-waist boyfriend or cropped jeans. One of the most manufactured products by jeans manufacturers- high waist jeans are an excellent option that helps balance the body shape and drives away the attention from the lower half of the body with ease.

2. Tall figure
Jeans are said to be the ultimate best friend for tall leg women. The best way for women to show off their elongated beautiful legs is by wearing jeans that go past the ankle. The types of jeans that suit such body type best are mom or ripped jeans. One should avoid cropped jeans as it cuts the length of the legs and makes one appear short.

3. Hourglass figure
The blessed body types of all! The hourglass figure is one of the coveted figures as all variants of jeans works well with it. But high- waist jeans and skinny jeans are the holy grail for women with this beautiful body type. Mom jeans are another pair that defines the waistline and compliment this figure really well. Skinny jeans are another good option as it highlights all the high curves effortlessly.

4. Column figure
Such body type requires special attention because if not properly styled this figure can give a tom-boyish appearance. To look flattering, it’s important to wear jeans that can create all the curves. Skinny or mom style jeans with mid or high waist can do the job perfectly well. The slim-fit accentuates and hugs the right parts of the body, giving this body type a more feminine look.

5. Petite figure
Heavy long denim on a slim frame is a complete no-no! A woman with a petite figure, to avoid giving the appearance of drowning in jeans should opt for low to mid-waist or skinny jeans to nail the look.

Very few denim jeans manufacturers in India offer denim products based on varying body types and Logus Jeans is one of them. So, find the perfect pair with Logus Jeans that suits your figure best and experiment with it as jeans can go out of stock but never go out of fashion.

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