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How to maintain and take proper care of your jeans

The chemistry between you and your denim is matchless. Your jeans keep shaping themselves as per the curves of your body, and your skin with time makes it a part of itself. This love too needs proper care to be nurtured like every other love story.

Here’s a guide to take proper care of your beloved pair of jeans:

1. Wash your jeans less often.
Wash them less frequently if you trust the finest jeans manufacturers in India. According to them, to preserve the texture and colour of your jeans, it’s advised to wash them as less often as possible. But how it reacts to detergents and water depends upon the quality and type of denim. So, to keep your jeans young and fresh, wash them only when required.

2. Wash it with cool water
Well, there will come a certain point where you’ll have to wash your jeans. In such cases, cold water is the best option. Opting for a cold-water spin cycle prevents your jeans from shrinking and fading. Using cold water saves energy which in turn also saves you money making it the best temperature for you and your jeans.

3. Air Dry your jeans
One of the most dreaded things to appear on jeans is lint and guess where they come from? The dryer. Dryers suck out the life of your jeans making them appear old and fuzzy. One of the easiest ways to dry your jeans is to opt for a natural option. It’s best to hang your jeans to avoid fabric warping, shrinking and works best to keep the fit intact. If you’re hanging them on a cloth rack, turn them inside out away from the sun to avoid fading.

4. Clean it in a proper manner
You do not need to wash your jeans for every little stain, wiping them delicately with wet wipes or baby wipes should do the work. When in desperate need, only then fully wash your denim and that too after putting it inside out, a useful tip that is recommended by the leading ladies’ jeans manufacturers in India. When fully washing your denim, it is always advised to use mild detergents and plenty of softeners to avoid stiffening of the material and deterioration of the fabric quality and color. It’s recommended to limit the number of pieces washed together to not more than four.

5. Store it appropriately
When storing denim in your wardrobe it’s recommended to avoid using metal pins and pointed clamps as they can damage the denim and leave lasting marks. Instead, it is advisable to use ‘S’ hooks and hang the denim on them with the help of the jeans’ belt loop that will eventually increase their lifespan.

Denim might not be as strong as they appear and the constant use of detergents make them a complete wreck. You need to follow the above-mentioned steps that are backed by some of the leading jeans manufacturers to take proper care of your favorite jeans and to make your ‘denim story’ last long.

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